Frequently Asked Questions


Is Summit open all year?

Yes – we are available at your convenience, with advance notice of your arrival.

Will my vehicle be safe while in storage?

Yes – at all of our locations there is someone present on site day and night.

Am I able to access my vehicle anytime when in storage? What if my plans change and I need my vehicle?

Yes – you have access to your vehicle at any time while in storage. Plans change and we are here to ensure we can accommodate these changes. With advanced noticed, we can have your vehicle ready for you anytime you need it.

Will my vehicle be ready when I arrive?

Yes – it is our pleasure to make sure your vehicle is ready for your arrival. With advance notice (1 day) of your arrival we will start, move and wash your vehicle and have it ready for when you arrive. If there are any problems with your vehicle, we will inform you and take the necessary steps.

What are my payment options?

We accept Cash, Cheque, E-Transfers, PayPal and Wire Transfers at the moment – and will be able to accept Credit Card payments in the near future.

When storing my vehicle, is there a fee for a taxi to the airport?

Yes – the cost for the taxi to the airport from our location is $52+tax one way per trip and there is no added cost per person. Our taxis are full size vehicles and can accommodate your luggage. This is not applicable to Airport Parking.

When taking the taxi service to the airport, how much time should I allow?

We suggest 30 minutes from arrival at our location to your arrival at the Airport Departures.

Vehicle Storage & Airport Parking

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