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10 Tips to Keep You Winter Road Safe

As the temperature begin to dip, it’s important to be prepared for anything that winter can throw our way – especially when it comes to driving. To ensure you and your vehicle are winter ready, we’ve prepared a simple checklist to consider before you hit the road.


1. Winter tires – try not to leave this until the first major snowfall! They provide greater traction under snowy or icy conditions, to keep you safe.

2. Keep a snow brush and scraper in your car. Make sure that mirrors, all windows, and the top of your vehicle are free of snow or frost before getting onto the road. If left unclear, you could face a potential fine.

3. Have an emergency kit with items such as a light weight shovel, battery jumper cables, matches and a flashlight.

4. Keep a winter clothing kit in your trunk. Consider a warm coat, blanket, hat, gloves and even boots.

5. Fuel up for longer drives. Incase you find yourself in idle traffic, you wont run out!

6. Ensure your cold weather windshield fluid is topped up. The highway is the last place you want to be without it.

7. Keep a phone charger in your car – this is a great item to have at all times!

8. Avoid using cruise control on icy or wet roads. You have less control of your vehicle in bad weather, if you rely on cruise control. 

9. Check the weather in your driving area before heading out and only drive if you feel it is safe or necessary to do so. Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself other vehicles and take your time!

10. As always, enjoy the season! There are so many exciting winter activities to experience in Nova Scotia. As many of us will be staying close to home this winter, let’s make the most of our incredible Atlantic bubble! Here are some activities to to complete your local winter getaway!

Happy Winter!

Chris and the Summit Team


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